Sunday, October 18, 2009

A movie that really Moved me.

This movie touched my heart in a way I never thought a movie could ever do. I guess I can't say it touched my today 24 year old heart, but my elementary school boy heart that still lives deep inside my memories. The funny thing is I drew this drawing before I saw the movie. You can tell (that is if you have watched the movie). The reason being is because the movie was exactly the opposite of a cute drawing and admiration of a young boy and his friend. It was much less and much more than that. I will not spoil it for anyone, but if you think you're coming out of this movie thinking, dude that movie rocked, or that was so cool when, you have another thing coming.


Nate said...

Cant wait

Alex said...

I've seen the movie three times, and each time it has been a new, raw experience. I never really read the book to the amount most other fans have, I barely remember a thing.

But I think that kids will be able to see this and grow with this abstract world of friends that will begin to make more sense to them what it's about each time they see it again.

It's something completely different that has moved me too.