Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life drawing with a twist

I did these series of drawings to try and put some story into the poses the model was doing for us the other day. The model's poses were very primal and full of action, so I thought I would draw him as an Indian brave fighting off cowboys or something. It was a lot of fun.

You know, sometimes life drawing could really have it's ups and downs. Sometimes when I'm really feeling I'm drawing the model well, the next day I'm at my cube trying to think up a character or a story and I completely blank out. It's like my imagination has been drained. This is why I am trying to do more life drawings with a twist. Add a story or a cool expression. Feed imagination instead of making it numb. Draw verbs instead of nouns. Stuff like that. Not just exaggerate the model for the sake of a cool composition or illustration. That may look beautiful, but where does it go from there? I hope to let loose and go even more into my imagination next time I'm life drawing.

By the way, the model was wearing the costumes I drew in the above drawings. Aside from a few accessories I made up. But nevertheless, it always pays to have a good model.

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Oscar said...

Whoa dude. What you wrote in your post, blew my mind. That's awesome!